Joshua Watson – Virtual Assistant

Running your own small business and being successful can be very stressful.  Small business owners wear many hats every day.  Wouldn’t it be a great relief if you could spend more of your valuable time on the aspects of your business that make you successful instead of being weighed down by so many mundane tasks?  A virtual assistant like me can make it so that you are able to finish your day without having to worry about whether everything was taken care of.

Whatever tasks are taking you away from the money making parts of your business, I can help you with it.  With over 15 years of experience in customer service and administration I can handle all of your day to day administrative needs.  I can rescue you from the social media black hole that eats up your day, put all the business cards you collected into a database or CRM software, manage your email or calendar, or even send out an email blast and capture the responses that you get back.



Find the help you need to be as successful as you know you can be.

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