About Joshua

ABOUT Joshua and his journey to being a virtual assistant

I have had a disability since birth and, as a result, I have had to work hard and creatively solve problems all my life.  I have brought a “let’s figure it out” attitude to every problem I have faced.  I started working for a travel company after obtaining a college diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  I then spent the next 15 years working in customer service and administrative jobs in different industries.  In the summer of 2015 I met a business mentor at a networking event.  She asked about what I did and I explained that I was between jobs and volunteering for a local charity.  She told me about virtual assistants and offered her mentorship when starting a business if I chose to accept it.  I took my skills in life and work and have used them to help small business owners ever since.


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Solutions for Your Business Like….


Why spend hours researching the latest trends in your business, the hottest products or services that your customers want, the conventions, associations, and trade shows your clients attend, or the best vacation spot for you and your family in Mexico when a virtual assistant can do it for you quickly and efficiently.


Email Management

Do you open your inbox only to emerge hours later wondering what happened to your day?  Do customers receive timely responses from you or do you miss out on business because you can’t keep up?  A virtual assistant can monitor your inbox and respond to typical emails, only alerting you to the ones that truly require your attention.

Social Media Management

Does managing your social media eat up too much of your day?  A virtual assistant can ensure that you have a presence on social media so that when a prospect goes looking for you, they see an active business that engages with its community and doesn’t just schedule all of its content and spread it out through automation.

Customer Testimonials


 Made in the Shade Toronto West

“Joshua has freed up so much of my time. I give him minimal direction and he runs with it. I love his initiative, his attention to detail, and his reliability. I would highly recommend his services as a virtual assistant. This is money very well spent.”


Project Manager

“Joshua helped me at a time of crisis when I required my 2014/2015 tax preparation to be completed in a short period of time. He possess excellent communication skills, always informed me of progress and kept financial matters confidential. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Joshua for either tax prep or a wide range of services allowing busy people like myself time to concentrate on other matters. Thank you Joshua!”



“Joshua has been our volunteer administrator for Voices 4 Ability for over a year. Joshua is organized, flexible, professional, and always up for a challenge. His administrative skills are varied, and his patient and calm way always makes things run smoothly .I would highly recommend Joshua for all of your administrative needs.”


IM Success Tutoring

“Joshua is a highly professional virtual assistant. He inquiries about the voice of your business and seeks to represent the vision of your business. I would recommend Joshua and his services to other small business owners.”